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The perfect workshop application

Manage all processes and work orders that take place in your workshop easily and conveniently.

Have a complete view

With this software you will always know where a vehicle is located, why, who is working on it, and what its status is.

Increase your productivity

Detect bottlenecks, improve workflow and avoid wastage with the information and indicators provided by our application.

We’re not going to tell you the same as others about management and productivity. We’re gonna solve your shop’s problems.

1. Negotiation with the insurer

Javier has a paint and body shop and the insurance company he works with requires replacement vehicles for its customers.

He is worried because he has had to increase his fleet but, on the other hand, the turnover of his workshop has not increased.

After the analysis with Skilder, Javier was able to detect that this increase is due to delays with the expertise.

With the data in hand, Javier holds a meeting with the insurance company and shows an average waiting time of three days per surveyor. They agree to reduce it to one and Javier manages to reduce the number of replacement vehicles by two, with the consequent savings.

2. Software change

Javier had her doubts when she needed to change her shop software. How much was it going to cost her?

He knew that trying a new tool is a hassle, not to mention wasting time and money if it turns out to be a failure.

With skilder this was not the case. He had a free month’s trial to evaluate its usefulness. This included advice and personalized treatment.

After this period he only had to pay for use, no surprises. Javier knows he can stop using Skilder whenever he wants, without compromise, but he’s actually happy with the results.

Visual evidence

Send photos and videos of vehicle repairs or services to anyone you need.

Secure cloud storage

All the information accessible from any device anywhere.

Repair history

Access to all repairs and services for each vehicle.

Automated Messages

Notifications of pending repairs, status changes, services, delays, blockages, etc.

Seguimiento del vehículo

Sepa en todo momento en que estado se encuentra un vehículo dentro del flujo de reparación.

Statistical analyses

Detect problems in your workshop that you didn’t know or have through the analysis of your workshop activity.
Our application will help you to avoid situations that reduce the efficiency of your workshop and therefore its benefits.
Skilder divides the operations of bodyshop into a configurable 7-phase workflow. You can assign work orders to your operators and check, whenever you want, which phase each car is in.
It’s a drag and drop thing.
The work order will only be assigned to you as your workers complete their part, but you may relocate it at any stage or to any worker you require, if necessary.
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