In accordance with Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data and its implementing regulation pursuant to Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, we provide you with the following information: is an Internet domain owned by APLICACIONES INFORMATICAS DOMINGO ALONSO, S.L.U. (hereafter AIDA), with CIF (Tax ID) B-35993401 and registered office at Calle Lomo la Plana, 14, 35019, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas. This company is registered in the Companies Register of Las Palmas, Volume 1,893, Book 0, Sheet 58, Page GC-40564.

AIDA selected and coordinated the content, the structure and the selection of the links.
While preserving this commitment, AIDA is in no position to offer and does not offer any guarantees regarding the accuracy of any type of information contained in the website and which by mistake or omission might be incorrect or out of date. To minimise any inconvenience caused by possible errors, we recommend you only use the information we provide as a guide.

Correct use of the website
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The user also explicitly undertakes not to destroy, alter, disable or in any other way damage the data, programs or electronic documents and other content found on this website.
Likewise, the user undertakes not to hinder the access of other users to the service through the mass consumption of the computer resources through which AIDA provides the service and not to perform actions that damage, interrupt or cause errors in those systems.
The user undertakes not to introduce programs, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logical device or sequence of characters that cause or are capable of causing any type of alteration in AIDA’s or third-party computer systems.
The user undertakes not to obtain information, messages, graphics, designs, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any type of material accessible through the website or the services provided on it.

Intellectual property
Unless otherwise stated, all the website contents, including, but not limited to, the graphic design, source code, logos, texts, illustrations, photographs and other elements appearing on the website are the exclusive property of AIDA or third-parties that have authorised their inclusion in the website. Similarly, all trade names, trademarks or any kind of distinguishing marks contained in the website are protected by law.
AIDA does not grant the user any type of licence or personal user authorisation over its intellectual and industrial property rights or any other right related to its website and the services provided on it.
Consequently, the user recognises that any non-authorised reproduction, distribution, marketing or transformation of the elements stated in the above paragraphs would be an infringement of AIDA’s or the right holder’s intellectual and/or industrial property rights.


Liability for the use of the website
The user is the only person liable for any infringements they may commit or any damage they may cause or that may be caused by using the website and AIDA is exonerated of any kind of liability that might arise from the user’s actions.
The user is the only person liable for any claim or legal action in or out of court brought by third parties against AIDA based on the website user’s use. If applicable, the user will pay all the costs, expenses and settlements requested from AIDA arising from these claims or legal action.

Liability for the operation of the website
AIDA excludes any liability that might arise from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system that have not been caused by AIDA.
AIDA also excludes any liability that might arise when the electronic system hangs or freezes due to deficiencies or an overload in telephone lines or the Internet, and from any damage caused by third parties through unlawful interference that is beyond AIDA’s control.

Liability for links
AIDA declines any liability regarding information appearing outside the website since the purpose of any links that may appear is only to inform the user of other sources of information about a specific topic.
AIDA does not accept any liability for the proper functioning of these links, for the results obtained via these links, for the accuracy and lawfulness of any content or information that may be accessed and for any harm that the user may sustain as a result of information found on the linked website.

Liability for advertising
Sections of the website might host advertising or sponsored content. The advertisers and sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring the material sent for inclusion on the website complies with relevant applicable laws. AIDA will not be liable for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that advertising or sponsored content may contain.
If you wish to make a complaint about the advertising content included in this website, please write to the following email address:

Liability for forums and blogs
AIDA gives users the possibility to enter comments and send photographs so they can be included in appropriate sections in a forum or a blog linked to the website. The publishing of comments and/or photographs is subject to this Legal Notice. If you do not agree with this Legal Notice, please refrain from using these services.
Blogs with no connection to AIDA and social networks users access are regulated by the privacy policies implemented by these blogs or social networks and AIDA is not liable for any content they might host.
The person who in each case is identified to have made the comments and/or sent the photographs is the only person liable for them and for ensuring their inclusion on the website complies with relevant applicable laws. The comments and/or photographs do not reflect AIDA’s opinion, nor does AIDA issue statements in this regard. AIDA will not be liable for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that the comments or photographs included in the forum may contain.
Similarly, AIDA will not be liable, except in cases determined by law, for any damage or harm that may occur by inserting comments and/or photographs.
The user providing the text and/or the photographs transfers the rights to AIDA for them to be reproduced, used, distributed, publicly communicated and for any other activity, in electronic, digital or paper format and in any other medium. And, in particular, the user grants these rights to place the text and/or the photographs on AIDA’s website so other users may access them.
The providing user declares to be the holder of the rights over the texts and photographs; where applicable, they guarantee to have the rights and necessary authorisation of the author or owner of the text and/or the photographs for AIDA to use them on its website. In the event that the user does not know whether they have the rights to grant them to AIDA, they must make AIDA explicitly aware of this fact.
AIDA will not be liable, except in cases determined by law, for any damage or harm that may arise from using, reproducing, distributing or publicly communicating texts and/or photographs protected by the intellectual property rights belonging to third parties, without previously receiving appropriate authorisation for the use in question from the original owner. In this case, users accept they are the only person liable for any third-party claim alleging to have the rights over the texts and/or the photographs.
AIDA reserves the right to use the transferred photographs in exhibitions or in books, catalogues or analogue publications, on any physical or digital media or any other medium or device that allows its reproduction, distribution and/or public communication.
Similarly, AIDA reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw any comments and/or photographs hosted in the forum or any other section of the website, when AIDA deems this to be appropriate.
AIDA will not be liable for information sent by the user without effective knowledge that the stored information is illegal or harms a third-party’s property or rights subject to compensation. As soon as AIDA has effective knowledge it is hosting such data, it undertakes to act diligently to withdraw them or make them impossible to access.
If you wish to make a complaint about inserted content, please write to the following email address: write to the following email address:

AIDA pledges to comply with its obligation to keep personal data secret and its duty to treat such data as confidential, and, to this end, it will take all necessary measures to prevent these data being altered, lost, or processed or accessed without authorisation, in line with the current state of technological developments.

User comments
The user guarantees that the information, material, contents or comments that are not their own personal data and are provided to AIDA via the website do not infringe the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties or any other legal provision.
The information, materials, contents or comments the user provides AIDA with are considered non-confidential and AIDA reserves the right to use them in the way it considers best.

Jurisdiction and applicable law
Any controversy concerning the interpretation and execution of this Legal Notice will be interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation.

AIDA and the user submit to the courts of the user’s residence for any controversy that might arise and waive any other jurisdiction.